How to Join Us

Runners of all ages and ability are always welcome at Horsforth Harriers, we cater for one and all.


Individual membership costs £15 per annum and family membership is available at £18 per annum. Annual membership runs from April to March and for those joining at times other than April pro-rata rates apply.

Prospective members are invited to run with us a couple of times before deciding whether to join. Just turn up any Tuesday evening or contact us us for more information.

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Club night is Tuesday evening with groups of various abilities as below, setting off between 7pm and 7.30pm.

To be able to cope with even the basic training you should be able to run without stopping for 30 minutes (speed not important at this stage.) If you are not yet at this level have a look at the advice for beginners at the Serpentine Running Club website or the Runner’s World website.

8-10 miles, sometimes fartlek, suitable for runners capable of 1.25 for a half marathon. The winter monthly training rota is as follows:-

1st Tuesday – Hill sessions

2nd Tuesday – Long fartlek to Pudsey

3rd Tuesday – Short fartlek to Adel

4th Tuesday – 800m intervals at Lawnswood

5th Tuesday (if there is one) – 10 mile hard run

All welcome but please be prepared to drop out and make your own way home.

7.30pm – Marie’s Speedwork
A variety of speedwork/hill sessions designed to improve your basic speed and race times. Suitable for all abilities.

7.30pm – Gordon’s Group
Usually about 8 miles, plenty of stops to re-group. Wide range of abilities up to 50 mins+ for 10k .

7.30pm – Hilary’s Group
Designed for the steadier runner/beginner. Usually no more than 5-6 miles with stops to re-group.