Horsforth Harriers caters for runners of all ages and all abilities and new members are always welcome. Please see HOW TO JOIN US for more information, including details of the various training groups.

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The website has just been updated to include:-

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Harriers in the news

Harriers’ vets set the pace

Following race 6 at Birstall on 12 July, Harriers continue to lead in all 4 categories – both mens’ and ladies’ top 4 and all to count. 43 of our vets have contributed to date with Marie Hart (F45), Shirley Walker (F55) and Hilary Wharam (F65) all leading their categories and Julia Day (F35), Serena Blackburn (F40), Tina Dickinson (F45), Tim Appleyard (M35), Nigel Monaghan (M45), Marc Springer (M50) and Kevin Watson (M60) also in the top 3 in theirs.

The next race is at Knavesmire, York on Wednesday 1 August at 7.30pm so please try to make it if you can as we anticipate having some absentees due to holidays.

Club Sponsorship

A big thank you goes to our club sponsors at continuing care assessment for their ongoing support and help to keep the club alive and kicking.

Forthcoming Events

24 June – Bradford Millennium Way 15 July – Eccup 10
22 July – Pudsey 10k 29 July – Harrogate 10k

Why You Should Start Running Today

There are lots of benefits you can get once you decide to practice regular exercise such as running. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, proper exercise is all you need to achieve your fitness goals. Hence, you need to start running today in order to reap the benefits which you intend to have for an ultimate vigorous physique!

What Is Running?

Running is a kind of exercise wherein terrestrial locomotion enables you to rapidly move using your feet. It is distinguished by an in-flight point wherein your feet are set on top of the ground. This is also the opposite of walking in which changes in potential and kinetic energy in every stride take place at the same time. However, this term may also refer to various speeds that actually range from sprinting to jogging.

When it comes to its kinematic description, running pace is categorized into 2 areas called swing and stance. These two phases can again be categorized into terminal swing, initial swing, propulsion, and absorption. Because of the running gait’s incessant nature, there’s no specific point assumed in terms of the start or beginning. But for simplicity, foot strike and absorption can be assumed as the start of any running cycle with the body in motion.

How Much Does Running Cost?

The running cost includes prices of running clothes, running shoes, and even running club costs. However, the total amount will depend on the brand you have chosen to wear. For instance, popular running apparel is more expensive than the local ones. But remember, you don’t need an expensive pair of running shoes to practice jogging around the neighbourhood. All you need is comfort and ease when wearing your running outfit.

Spending on reasonable items will significantly help you save money and time. You can choose local brands for your jogging pants and tees. As long as you are comfortable in using them, you’re good to go. Just make sure that it fits your budget or better if you have saved enough money for your running essentials. After buying needed items, make sure to run with a buddy to keep you company!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Running?

A lot more than you can ever think of! The health benefits of running are actually endless that you can start counting to know each of them. If you want to keep your body healthy and fit, running is the perfect exercise that can help you with your fitness needs. It’s perfect for weight loss, respiratory and cardiovascular health improvement, cardiovascular fitness, lower blood cholesterol, stronger bones, and better immune system.

This exercise can also help you in improving your self esteem as well as emotional state while reversing or slowing the signs of ageing. So if you want to stay in perfect shape and lose fats, running is an excellent choice of exercise. In fact, it can increase metabolic rate and provide stronger stamina for an ultimate form. But if you have just started, it will definitely take more time to achieve your dream body that’s why it is better to start now for advanced results.

Here are some of the benefits of running to improve your overall health condition:

  • Mental health – running makes you happy. If you haven’t heard of the runner’s high yet, you can start running today and experience that happiness it can give you.
  • Stronger lungs – if you want to increase your lung capacity, run is the best solution. It helps to breathe better while making your respiratory system healthier.
  • Avoid higher blood pressure – if your blood pressure is your frequent problem, then start your jogging session today and believe in the results. The arteries within your body contract and expand when running so it keeps them fit.
  • Stronger immune system – regular exercise helps in building up one’s tolerance to bacteria and germs which lead to fewer illnesses.
  • Boosts bone density–of course, daily exercises such as jogging stress up your bones. Hence, important minerals are received by your bones for a stronger skeletal system.
  • Better stability and joint strength–your tendons and ligaments are exercised which makes them even stronger. This can help you prevent sprains experienced while running miles.

How Running Can Help You To Socialize With Like-minded People

When you run, you don’t just relieve yourself from stress but you also give yourself an opportunity to socialize with others. By joining competitions or running clubs, you can make friends and even establish long term relationships with them. You see, once you’re outside your home, chances are you will meet a lot of different individuals who can jive in your thing.

You can always spend your precious time with like-minded people and discover some potential that you don’t see before. For instance, when you participate in trainings or marathon, you can be with people who also love running. Perhaps, this exercise is your first love wherein you can also meet your one true love in flesh. There are a lot of things which can happen when you decide to run with other people and finish the same course.

Increasing your confidence can also be achieved by regular running. And when you start today, you are minimizing the time that you will take in attaining your fitness target. In addition, your emotional state and self esteem can also be improved once you start this fitness journey. However, you need to condition yourself first to avoid any physical injury after your initial trial.

Participants usually experience a euphoric state also known as runner’s high. If you have clinical depression or trying to cope with addiction, this is the best therapy for you. Another benefit is the potential enjoyment of scenery and nature while jogging. This can improve your psychological well-being as well. Lengthen your life with this exciting exercise while give yourself a break from stressful work. Start today and see how it can change your life!

Bottom line is, you need to consider the importance of regular exercise to your body. Fitness can be easily achieved when you start believing that you can. Do more and live more. There’s no better way to get your body in shape by doing something physical and enjoying at the same time.